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Giving Back to Our Non-Profit Partners

Here at the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group, we realize how truly blessed we are and we support non-profit’s who enhance and encourage our community.

Catawba Care was founded in 1994 to treat the needs of HIV+ patients York, Chester, and Lancaster counties. At first the organization was ran under the United Way and was located in the York County Health Department, but in 2000 the organization received status as a 501©(3) not-for-profit organization. This brought many changes including: more case managers, an on-site medical clinic, and the location changed to its own facility in Rock Hill. In 2001, Catawba Care Coalition merged with the York County AIDS Task Force and began primary care and HIV specialty care. Then in 2003 CCC merged with the Catawba AIDS Prevention Network to consolidate prevention, education, and testing services. In 2010 CCC was able to upgrade and move into a new building. In 2013 CCC added on more healthcare services for their patients including onsite dental work. Then in 2015 Catawba Care was renamed as Affinity Health Center and was now known as a full-service family practice with affordable and quality care. In 2017 Affinity announced its plan to build a 30,000 sq.ft. facility to expand healthcare and the new building is scheduled to open in July of 2018.

To volunteer or donate visit their website.


The humane society of York County is a none profit organization. They are qualified as a 501©(3) non-profit group whose vision to make York County a no kill community. The York County Humane Society was founded in 1976 to help with the ever-growing animal population in our area. Originally all animals were taken care of by foster families until 1999 when the organization moved to a facility at Carolina Place were 50 cats and 20 dogs can be housed. In 2011 HSYC moved to its new location in Regent Park where is can now house 120 cats and 40 dogs. Today the organization is continuing to grow and make a difference in York County. Since 2008, the HSYC has impacted 3,160 dogs and 3,494 cats and the numbers are continuing to grow. The future of the organization completely depends on the communities around it. The organization is completely non-profit and does not receive any government assistance. The only way the facility stays open is by donations, sponsors, volunteers, etc.

If you are interested in helping this wonderful organization, please feel free to contact them at 803.802.0902. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.