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5 Cold Hard Truths

Sometimes it can be…uncomfortable…to tell the truth to clients, friends, or family things about their home that they may just not notice. Being honest is an important but also making sure feelings aren’t hurt. Reading this blog just might cut out a few honest conversations, or so we hope!

Your home does smell.

Now that may not necessarily mean that it’s a bad smell, but every home has its own scent. That is completely normal and expected when visiting most homes. What we want to avoid is harsh, overwhelming smells. It will be a HUGE turn off for anyone who is potentially interested in buying your home if they enter into a stinky environment. Simple things can be done to help mask your homes natural odor such as: washing curtains, getting your carpet deep cleaned, mopping with a scented cleaner, using oil plug-ins throughout your home, Lysol wipe every surface in your home and more. While making your home smell good for showings IS important, it is recommended that you do not spray your house down with aerosol scents as there are some that are allergic. Lighting a candle and opening a window will suffice.

Your bathroom is probably gross. 

Be honest. Does your toothpaste drip out past the lid? Are you sure your significant other got all their hairs out of the shower and/or sink? Did you hide your hamper? Is the caulk around your tub still white and fully there? There are always going to be small things that we see daily that our brain doesn’t really register anymore. Not our fault! That’s what living in the same place for a long while will do to us! Let’s imagine a very tidy person tours your home. They most likely WILL notice all of those items. I mean, I don’t want to tour someones bathroom with a foul odor coming from it or their undergarments sitting atop their laundry hamper. Do yourself a favor and do a full sweep through your bathroom and clean from the shower head to the baseboards.

Have pets? They’ve destroyed your house. 

Maybe not as harsh as destroyed but yeah, they’ve done some damage. I know my puppy ate the corners of my doors at my first house. Why? He’s weird, I don’t know; but nevertheless…it happens. Puppies tinkle. Cats claw. Dogs jump up on counters, doors and walls. We also need to make sure to take the time to assess any damage caused by them. Going back to the first hard truth, they probably had a good bit to do with that bad smell as well. Wet dog is an oh so familiar one for sure. There could always be that secret pee corner you never knew about that you get surprised with on moving day. Train as we may, accidents happen. We do our best to stay on top of it but do even more when you’re ready to sell. Hide that litter box. Scoop that poop. Fix those doors that dang puppy just HAD to chew on.

Frankly, being in your home is weird…

For anyone who doesn’t live there. Your home life is exactly that, YOURS. What you do in the comfort of your own walls is your business, but when you’re doing open houses, you’re inviting others into those walls. Did you happen to binge a cake and got too full to clean your mess? Happens to the best of us. Do those dishes before your showings! Come home from work too tired to undress and put your clothes away? We’ve been there. Get up early enough to pick them up off the floor and throw them in the wash! You and your partner had a romantic date night at home? Good for you! Now put away any date night items that others might blush at the sight of. You are parting ways with that home anyways so make it as generic as possible! You want those who are planning on living there in the future to feel at home while they’re there. Your goal is to make those strangers feel at home.

and lastly….

Your yard kind of looks bad. 

Unless you have a full team of gardeners that maintain it, you have room for your yard to look better. Scraggly,dead bushes remind us of haunted houses. Don’t really want to call that home, do you? That mulch you laid out 3 years ago has DEFINITELY lost its color and also may be somewhat rotted. Good news is laying new mulch isn’t costly at all and does wonders for your yard. Check your doorways and garage doors for webs that house Charlotte and all of her little friends. Sorry but it’s got to go. No haunted houses, remember? Cut your grass! Get out your dad New Balances that were made for that job! Rake those dead leaves! Plant some colorful plants! You are leaving this home so you don’t want to put too much time and money into this project but you do want to clean it up. Curb appeal is a vital part of a homes selling point. You don’t want people to turn away before they even see the inside of your home!

Put the work it. It’ll be worth it once you close and get to move on to your new home. Hopefully these truths help you and if you aren’t sure about some of them, ask an honest friend or family member. Hey if your agent is really there for you, ask them. They are professionals who do know best.

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