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7 Things You Need To Add To Your Fall Cleaning List


Fall Cleaning Checklist


It’s that time again, where patio furniture is covered or put away, time spent by the pool has been replaced by nights out by the fire pit, and stores are putting out Christmas displays a little sooner than many would like.  Along with Christmas edging out Thanksgiving festivities, it’s also time to start thinking about some Fall Cleaning projects and we’ve put together a list of 7 “must-do” items to place on any Fall Cleaning Checklist.

  1. Flip That Mattress.  This task was easier and probably more common in the days before pillow-top mattresses became so prevalent.  No pillow-top, no problem. Just lift it out of the way, sprinkle some baking soda to neutralize any odors, vacuum it away, and flip the mattress back into place.  If you do have a pillow-top mattress, you may still be able to rotate it 180 degrees after applying and clearing away the baking soda.  This will help eliminate the couple’s dreaded “W” that embeds into our mattresses as our body impressions form into our favorite side of the mattress over time.  Sleeping single with the entire space at your disposal?  You may have encountered what is known as the “pit” in the center of the bed.  Either way, flip or rotate to eliminate this issue at least once a year.
  2. Check Your Furnace.  Heating season is already underway for many of us.  If you haven’t replaced your filter in the past 90 days (Or less depending on filter type and quality), now is a good time to put a fresh one in.  Also, make sure your furnace has been properly serviced and is ready to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere throughout the fall and winter season.
  3. Pantry Review.  Start by emptying out the pantry completely.  Put aside anything that will make its way back in and dispose of anything past its expiration.  Inspect boxes for any signs of chewing from unwanted guests.  Throw those away for sure.  Once empty, vacuum away dust and especially crumbs in order to limit aforementioned unwanted guests.  Finally, it’s a good idea to store things like cereal, snacks or other food items that come in cardboard boxes, in large plastic containers.  Replace and reorganize those items and you’re done.
  4. Inspect Windows/Doors.  To cut down on winter heating costs, do a quick review of weatherstripping and caulk around any windows and doors.  A relatively simple DIY project that can save you some money and cut down on draftiness in the home.
  5. Shampoo the Rugs.  As the holidays approach, now is a good time to hire a professional to come in and get those carpets and rugs looking festively bright.  You can also opt to rent a cleaner from a local store and do it yourself.  Either way, giving your carpets a good cleaning about once a year will preserve their look and help extend their life.
  6. Vacuum the Couches.  In addition to shampooing the rugs, getting a vacuum into every nook and cranny of your furniture will yield some spare change for sure – and most likely things we’d rather not see.  Give some attention to the upholstered surfaces of your home and again, help give them a quick facelift.
  7. Test and Clean Your Smoke Detectors.  We all know to swap out the batteries twice a year during the Daylight Savings Time/Standard Time switch. Now is a good time to test all of your detectors again and at the same time, use the soft brush attachment to clean away any dust that may have accumulated over time.  Dust particles embedded in the alarms can impede their ability to sense smoke properly and this is an easy fix to eliminate that threat.

I’m sure the most detailed oriented-checklist oriented-taskmasters among us can think of many more items that we’ve missed.

The boss in my home would chuckle and call this list “A good start for a Sunday.”  With that said, we welcome any suggestions and would love to see your comments.

Happy Autumn to all!




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