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A Day In The Life Of…


Nate Mallard Edition

Today we’re launching a new feature of our blog dedicated to getting to know our agents a little better and help you understand what “A day in the life of…” looks like for highly dedicated real estate professionals.

First, a little background first pulled directly from Nate’s bio here at

Nate Mallard is a proud Rock Hill native, with deep roots in the area. Nate studied marketing at the College of Charleston and received his degree in 2009. As a current resident of historic downtown Rock Hill, Nate is a passionate champion of the revitalization and development efforts currently happening. He was called on by Rock Hill Mayor, Doug Echols, in 2014 to be a voice in the conversation about the direction Rock Hill is going. Not only does he know Rock Hill, he is excited about it and he wants you to be too.

What follows is a real time diary Nate journaled for me chronicling what is as close to a “typical day” as one can have in the Real Estate profession.

Nate’s Day 7/21/2016

5:15am – Alarm sounds for the first time.  Snooze.

5:20am – Alarm sounds again.

In bed, review social media to check on how many “likes” a picture of an offer I made last night received.  Continue to check on posts of homes, company listings and check my other posts for feedback.  If you haven’t already, like our page at and mine too at

5:30am – Head to spin class.  Dragging a bit after team trivia last night, but I get to talk to a lot of people about what I do there and meet new people so I try not to miss it.

5:45am – Spinning.

6:30am – Weights

7:45am – All cleaned up and after hitting the bar (The Juice Bar), check emails at work.  New client asking questions about interior photos of their home – a new listing for us.  Texts come in on other deal – agent inquiring about timing on home inspection.  Love it when I see other agents up and working as early as me!!

8:05am – COFFEE

8:08am – Email – Agent informs me we’re in a multiple offer situation on a home!

8:15am – 90 minutes of what is the best and most feared part of the business – Lead Generation.  Searching for buyers for our listings ad sellers for our buyers.  Matchmaking 101.  Everyone we need is out there, just gotta find them.

9:45am – MLS study (Multiple Listing Service): Review changes in the market, homes with price reductions, status changes etc.  Every day.  Have to know my market. Schoolhouse Rock was right – Knowledge IS power!shr



10:45am – Lots of emails and texts flowing now. Working on repair request for a buyer – negotiated all repairs and seller is doing all of them!  Another buyer wants me to work on purchasing the washer and dryer currently in home they’ve contracted to buy.

11:00am – Follow up on yesterday’s Lead Generation.  Calling current and potential clients letting them know what new listings I’ve found that match up with their specific criteria.  Like I said, a lot of this job is match making 🙂

11:45am – Check in with our Closing Coordination team on different deals their working on with me.  All pending deals today are running smoothly and on schedule. Review a few new deals developing and heading their way.

11:55am – pokemon

12:02pm – Thank you notes to agents and past clients.  Gratitude is important to me and really crucial in this business.  Say thank you often and mean it everytime.

12:30pm – Luncheon at our local SouthState Bank Branch. Great business partner celebrating their 20th anniversary.

1:oopm – Drive to property to look at for out of state buyer. Gotta love facetime.  Next best thing to being there.

2:00pm – Call back on the multiple offer situation I heard about earlier – Our buyer got the house!!

2:20pm – more emails and social media prospecting.

2:45pm – Call and check on sailboat being sold with a lake front house a client is considering.  Real Estate deals can be very interesting!

3:00pm – Daily database cleanup.  Review leads coming in, past clients that have reached out with referrals and clients that have asked me to get in touch at a future time – which is today 🙂

4:00pm – Hot streak of leads roll in from our marketing department.  One is particularly interesting – potential client looking at a For Sale By Owner (FSBO in real estate lingo) home.  I let her know that we can represent her in negotiating at no cost as the buyer.

4:30pm – It’s hot.  South Carolina in July hot. Ice coffee pickup.

4:45pm – Paperwork arrives via email on our multiple offer situation that was accepted.  Everything looks good.

5:15pm – Showing appointment with a client.  Goes well, wants to see more this weekend.

6:30pm – Reshow home to client that won the multiple offer house.  He wanted to show it to his mom.  Love watching families get excited about their journey to a new home.

7:00pm – Cross T’s and dot I’s on some paperwork at the office.

7:35pm – Head home.  Great day.  Do it all again tomorrow 🙂


I asked Nate the obvious question, “Is this a typical day?” and as you might expect his answer was both yes AND no. Every day involves learning, studying the market, working with other agents and team members and most importantly assisting clients.  Some days more one, others more another.  It can be tedious work.  It can be stimulating, heart warming and adrenalin filled with deals changing by the minute. If/when you meet with Nate or one of our other agents, I know you’ll find it’s the ONLY thing they will ever do with their careers.

We’ll continue to update this format with other agents and team members from time to time.  You’ll find commonality and at the same time understand that different parts of this profession appeal to them and their distinct personalities in different ways. One thing you WILL see as a common thread is their commitment to the people they work with and assist everyday.

Until next time,

John Kotrides

John Kotrides
Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group




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  • Susan Hughes
    Written on

    Nate is a very dedicated and professional agent. He has assisted me many times. I hope to continue our working relationship for years to come

    • John Kotrides
      Written on

      I’m sure Nate feels exactly the same way about working with you. Thank you on behalf of the entire team for your kind words!

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