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Best Steak Marinade From The York County Natural Gas Authority



May has come and nearly gone and from the smell in the air all over York County neighborhoods, grilling season has arrived!  This week on The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show we invited Melissa Buddin from York County Natural Gas Authority to talk to us about how to extend your kitchen to the great outdoors, and say goodbye to empty propane tanks forever!

Come on, we’ve all been there.  Steaks are marinated, salted and seasoned.  Beer, soft drinks and cocktails at the ready.  Grill is hot, fire is high and life never looked better.  You hear the sizzle as you drop your steaks and smoke fills the air with the smell of a Carolina Sunday promising good food, great weather and an amazing day.

You leave the grill for no more than a minute to arrange chairs and tables on the deck when something changes.  The smoke and smells seem to have faded, the sizzling sounds permeating through your backyard mere seconds ago have died off.  You’re out of gas.

Replacement tank?  Not so much.

Like I said, we’ve all been there but here’s the good news – it doesn’t have to be this way.  Melissa shares with us on this week’s show how easy and affordable it can be to replace that empty propane tank for the last time, with natural gas. Imagine instead a never ending source of gas that’s ready whenever you are!  Listen for details on a sale running through Father’s Day (hope my kids and wife are reading this) which in case you forgot (again…kids, wife…write this down) is June 19th this year.  For those working on a budget (do I really have to mention my kids and wife again?) they even offer 30% down and 18 month interest free financing for those that qualify.  After the show, head on over to the York County Natural Gas Authority website for details.

And when you have that perfect grill ready to go at a moment’s notice?  Melissa even shares an incredible steak marinade that has our mouths watering just thinking about.  With a mere 5 minute prep time it’s an easy way to make sure you get well deserved praise when the steaks leave the grill and hit the table.  See the recipe HERE.  Not a big red meat eater?

Really?  You’re not? Wow.

That’s ok, there are more recipes available HERE which include chicken, fish and even grilled veggies.  Trust us, there’s something there for everyone!

As always we hope you enjoy the show, get grilling, and join us next time.



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