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Curb Appeal: Making Your Home Standout Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you are buying, selling, or just looking for some new ideas, adding curb appeal to your home can make your home stand out, add value and make your home more welcoming. When buying or selling a home, the way your home looks from the outside plays just as big a role as the inside. According to Better Home and Gardens, here are a few tips for sprucing up your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.

  1. Dressing up your front door – Since the front door is usually the focal point of the front of a house, dressing it up with fresh paint can really make it pop. Some trendy colors right now are cobalt blue, lime green, daisy yellow or firetruck red.
  2. Replacing old hardware – As time goes on it is natural for metal to oxidize and rust. One way you can brighten up your curb appeal is replacing small items like address numbers, a new door handle, repainting wrought iron, etc. All these simple fixes can be found at your local hardware store!
  3. Creating symmetry – Symmetry is naturally appealing to the eye and it a very simple way to add a focal point to a home. Symmetry can be created by adding planters, furniture, lighting, etc.
  4. Create pot gardening– Using pots for gardening can add lots of color to your home and create a more welcoming aesthetic to your entrance.
  5. Mailbox makeover – Your mailbox is the first thing that people pass when coming to your home and first impressions go a long way! Updating your mailbox with paint or by adding flowers around the mailbox can really add finesse to your home.
  6. Renew planting beds – Simply by adding seasonal flowers, trimming old ones, and picking out unwanted weeds can really de-clutter your flower beds. Also, placing fresh mulch or pine needles around your flower beds can help make your curb appeal look less chaotic and bring the focus to the main features. This also as a finishing touch to any home.
  7. Add outdoor art – By adding simple features like a birdbath, a wind-chime, or any art can help make your yard stand out, add a welcoming feel, or add a personal touch.
  8. Replacing gutters and downspouts – Over time gutters and downspouts can fade and even begin to collect small dings due to weathering. Replacing a couple of these small things can help make the outside of your home less dingy and fresher!
  9. Renew siding and trim paint – As time passes dust settles and paint starts to fade, so by repainting things like the front porch and window trims you can make your home feel new again. Also, by pressure washing your home, the grim and dust that has settled will be removed and your homes sparkle will be restored!
  10. Build a walkway to the door – By creating a formal walkway to the front door creates a more welcoming feel and can also help make the front door/front porch the focal point of your home.

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