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Deck Inspections & Maintenance | The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

This week on the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show, Stephen sat down with Scott Stegall of Carolina HomePro Inspections to discuss home deck maintenance and safety. Check out the full interview now:

Here are a few tips that Scott shared:

  • Ensure that your deck is connected properly to the home.
    • This means that your deck is connected with the correct fasteners so that is stable enough to maintain weight correctly and safely.
  • Check your handrails and stepboards.
    • These are things that can cause injury to your family if these are not installed up to code. Anything over 30 inches off of the ground must have a rail on it. The railings but be able to sustain up to 200lbs of lateral force.
  • Recommend having decks treated and maintained every 3 to 4 years.
    • You will get longer life out of your deck if it’s treated, replacing rotting boards and inspected to ensure that everything is still up to code.
    • Not maintaining your deck will age your home dramatically. Keeping your deck maintained will add value to your home.

Need your deck inspected? Reach out to Scott at 803-242-9588.

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