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Fall Curb Appeal Tips

First impressions mean everything, so all sellers need to make sure that they take all necessary steps to make sure the front of their home is ready to be shown. This week Stephen sat down and discussed tips to make to make your home pop during the fall season. Here are a few tips to make sure your curb appeal is on par to getting your home sold this fall.

  1. Clean your front door: Cleaning your front door can be an easy and cheap way to brighten up your front porch. Simply by removing unwanted webs and debris, you can give the front of your home the finesse it deserves.
  2. Don’t cover up your pool: Over the years keeping your pool clean has gotten easier. One thing that many pool owners don’t realize is that the cooler temperature of falls will keep the water from turning that nasty green. So, keeping your pool uncovered for fall is a great idea because it will allow potential buyers the opportunity to get the full WOW affect.
  3. Replace pine needles and mulch: Fall is a great time to replenish the pine needles and mulch in your flower beds because the sun will not fade it as quickly. This will really make your curb appeal pop and make the home feel more welcoming. Also, because the weather is not as hot it is better for you to spread it.
  4. Sprucing up flowers: Planting flowers is always a great way to add color to your home! Plant bright and colorful fall friendly flowers, like mums, to add a splash of color. By adding decorative flower pots to the front door, you can create a focal point making a more welcoming feel. Also, this is a great time to trip large limbs and shrubs to make sure the view of the home is not compromised.
  5. Clean out gutters: Through the summer months your gutters receive a beating with all the storms. So, leaves, sticks, and other unwanted guck gets trapped in your gutters. Cleaning them before the winter months set in is a great idea because the winter months will bring ice and snow and with all this weight your gutters can bend and break.
  6. Unwanted leaves: You never want to have a stockpile of leaves in your front yard, especially when getting your home ready to sell. If you leave the large pile potential buyers may see this as an unwanted chore and mark your home from their list. There are many ways you can remove these leaves: racking into large trash bags, use your lawn mower to blow them into the woods, use your lawn mowers catching bag, etc.
  7. Have your home pressure washer: Like your gutters your home receives lots of wear and tear through the spring and summer months, so the fall is the perfect time to have your home pressure washed. Also, by freshening up the outside, potential buyers will since the pride in ownership and will help your home stand out.
  8. Outdoor furniture: If you are like me you like to dress up your outdoor furniture in bright designs for spring and summer. For fall you can dress them up with fun fall colors to make your home more festive. By dressing your furniture in holiday friendly colors, potential buyers will get a since of home and can picture their family in the home, which can be important since the holidays are approaching.
  9. Fix any broken features: Many of our homes face tragedies in the summer months like broken swings, missing shutters, burnt out light bulbs, and so much more. By fixing these cosmetic issues our homes will be ready to catch the eye of any buyer.
  10. Uncover Your Pool. If you’re home is on the market and you have a pool, keep it open and make it look as inviting as possible.

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