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Freaky Friday: 8 New Home Superstitions

Happy Friday the 13th! Everyone thinks of this day as a superstitious day and will not do certain things just because they believe it will bring bad luck. Most high-rise buildings do not have a 13th floor due to the stigma surrounding the number. Did you know that most superstitions are hundreds of years old and often come from people attempting to explain or reason something away? For all of those who are superstitious, here are a few things to keep in mind when you move into a new home:

  1. Burn Sage Throughout the Home: This superstition that burning sage will help to ‘cleanse’ the home of any negative energy left by the previous owners and protect the home from evil spirits. Grab some dried white sage and pair it with some lavender and light it like incense and walk it throughout the house. Not only will then cleanse your home, it will make it smell great too! We include this scent in our candle that we give out to new homeowners as well and it includes sage, lavender and lemon.
  2. Porch Ceiling Painted ‘Haint’ Blue: This comes from the southern portion of the United States, painting your porch ceiling blue will help ward off spirits and ghosts. The idea came from the fact that southerner’s believed that spirits couldn’t cross water, so they painted their porches blue as a way to ensure their homes wouldn’t have a ghost enter them. Bonus perks of this superstition (and new trend we are seeing in homes) is that helps create the ‘illusion’ of daytime light to extend your day when you’re sitting on the porch in the evenings and it can help stop insects from nesting on your porch.
  3. Buy A New Broom: According to this tradition, you should NEVER bring an old broom into your new home! Why? The belief is that you will sweep away good luck in the home or bring the ‘dust’ or bad luck from your life. Another stigma surrounding brooms in homes is that you should never sweep at night. Why? According to African folklore, you could be brushing away good luck!
  4. Breaking a Mirror: Be very careful when moving mirrors because as the superstition goes, if it breaks you will have 7 years of bad luck. If this happens, recommends grinding the broken pieces into dust and then burying them during a full moon.
  5. No Shoes On Dresser Or Table: Avoid placing any shoes on your dresser or table according to this superstition as this is another thing that will bring you bad luck.
  6. Don’t Bring a Hoe Inside: This is for all of the gardeners out there, never bring a hoe inside. This action is supposed to bring you bad luck, the good news is that there is a quick reversal for this! Carry the hoe out the exact same door while walking backwards.
  7. Knives = Not Good Gifts: Do not give knives as a housewarming present! The knife represents the severing of a friendship or you will become enemies.
  8. Host A Housewarming: According to this superstition, this is the best way to start your life in the new home is to fill it with love and joy! By surrounding yourself with positive energy from friends and family during the first few weeks in your new home, these vibes will stay in your home forever according to this superstition.

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