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Fundamentals of Real Estate for Buyers | The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

On this week’s episode of the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show, Stephen and Blake discuss the Rules of Real Estate in an ever changing market. There are some fundamental things that should be taken into consideration for buyers when looking for a new home or looking for advice before buying a home.

  1. Location, Location, Location: The market is going to change year to year and neighborhood to neighborhood. Keep your focus on the area that you are looking and NOT what someone in another state is telling you. The comps in the neighborhood that determine the value of your home, locations of the neighborhood, the amenities off the neighborhood, the quality of construction of the neighborhood and the schools the neighborhood is zoned for.
    1. The SCREG team works on the North Carolina/South Carolina border and one side of a neighborhood can be in another state which can completely change the rules for buying a home. Keep in mind that Real Estate is different per state and our team can give you advice based on the home you are looking at pending the state.
  2. Win-Win for Both Buyers & Sellers: The best type of deal is a win-win for buyers and sellers alike. Everything is real estate is negotiable! This is a contractual relationship so make sure that you are negotiating correctly so that you do not have buyers or sellers remorse at the end of the day. The goal before negotiations start is to have in mind what you’re going to compromise on, you don’t want to feel like you’ve lost at the end of the day and lose the home. Everyone at the end of the day should feel like they got a fair-value in a fair market.
  3. Price vs. Value: Be wise when considering price vs. value. Be value conscious, quality at a reasonable price. If you are set on moving into a specific neighborhood but there is only one house for sale, the value to you is greater than the comps often times. A great buyers agent can help you determine if you are getting the best value for your home. Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make so choose wisely!
  4. Choose with Heart and Head: Buy with your heart but keep your mind involved, this is a major financial investment. Why keep a level head and not just buy with your heart? Eventually you will move to another home due to life changes: relocation, upgrade to bigger home for your growing family, etc.  A great buyers agent can keep you focused on the parameters you are looking for for your dream home and making recommendations on features that will appreciate over time.

Interested in working with Blake Payton? Call us today and set up an appointment, 803-985-1240.

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