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Garage Organization Tips For Your Home

When it comes to living in an organized and clutter free environment, a well-kept garage is essential. By taking the time to ensure your garage is clean and easily accessible, your home will look and feel more welcoming. According to DIY & Crafts, here are a few inexpensive tips that will have your garage neat in no time.

  1. Create shelves/racks for your garden tools – Large tools take up the majority of a garage. Set aside some free time to construct easy to use racks that will result in less clutter. All you will need is a few pieces of wood and some nails!
  2. Hang everything – The key to garage organization is finding a proper place for everything. Hanging up bikes, tools, and other items will utilize unused wall space while also freeing up floor space.
  3. Mud Room – If you don’t have a mud room already, the garage is a perfect place for one. What’s more annoying than having your kids track mud throughout the house? By building a few locker cabinets in your garage, you can prevent muddy shoes and clothes from entering your home.
  4. Magnetic strips to hold small tools – Some garages don’t have the room to house an extra-large toolbox. Therefore, if you have loads of smaller tools or drill bits then you can simply add a small magnetic strip to keep them organized.
  5. Tape Dispenser – You’re bound to have multiple rolls of tape in your garage. We all know that these rolls can get messy and unorganized. To avoid this, make yourself a handy tape dispenser that keeps each piece cut at the perfect length. A hacksaw blade and a few small boards are all you need.
  6. Pegboard – Pegboards are extremely beneficial. They can hold paint, tools, and much more. Pegboards are inexpensive and very easy to use. Not to mention, they take up hardly any wall space.
  7. Hang jars under shelves – This not only keeps smaller items such as screws and nails in reach, it also clears up shelf space. All you need to do is screw the jars onto a wooden shelf or ledge by using a screw through the lid of the jar.
  8. Labels – Labels are one of the most important things to have when attempting to organize. Without labels, many things get misplaced and disorganized.
  9. Garage zones for maximum organization – Instead of throwing unrelated items or tools together, organize your garage into specific zones or sections. For example, categorize large items together as well as frequently used items.
  10. Decorative painting – This option may not be for everyone, but it can add a little style to your dull concrete flooring and boring walls. Painting the garage walls or floor will give it a fresh and renovated look.

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