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Getting Your Home Ready For Fall

With fall here and Halloween approaching, we find ourselves trying to redecorate our homes to match the season without breaking the bank. While the season and fun day of the year are very different, you can use the same decorations for both. Here are a few tips to help make your home festive while saving money:

Pumpkins: Pumpkins are the number one way to make your home more fall festive. You can buy pumpkins, of different sizes and color, from nearly any local store. Once October 31st rolls around, you can reuse the pumpkins to carve jack-O’-lanterns. This will make your home trick or treat ready and you’ll multiple uses out of the pumpkins.

Hay-Bales: Hay-bales are another easy, quick, and cheap way to decorate your home for fall. You can buy small hay-bales from your nearest home improvement store, this will really channel the fall season on your porch. Also, hay-bales make a great prop and seat if you plan any type of fall family photos. Like the pumpkins, the hay bales can be used for more than one thing. Depending on the size of the bale, you can take some of the hay out and use it to stuff a scarecrow giving you another decoration for your porch. The scarecrows also double as a Halloween decoration, another two for one!

Flowers: By replacing some of your potted flowers with fall flowers, your front porch will have a fresh pop of fall color. You can buy many different types of seasonal plants such as garden mum’s, purple cabbage, and any other flowers from your nearest supermarket that will not break the bank. Replacing the flowers before the cold sets in stops the summer flowers from dying and keeps your front porch looking clean.

Leaves: One of the most popular things that you see on front porches today are different sized lanterns. As leaves begin to change and fall into your yard, these actually make a great pop of color for inside a lantern. Since leaves are multicolored with yellows, greens, oranges, and reds this gives you a FREE decoration that normally you would through away or burn. All you need is to do is loosely pack different colored leaves into the lanterns and your all done! Easy!

Chair Cushions: If you’re like our group, in the summertime you like to buy bright seat cushions with crazy designs. For fall, try to replace these with fall colors like burgundy or orange. This will allow your porch to have a fall vibe. Bonus, having a backup pair of cushions allowing you to alternate them will give the other set time to rest and they won’t be as faded when spring comes back, and you can get another season out of them!

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