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    Great Tips on Preventing Pipe Bursting – The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

    In today’s episode of the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show, Stephen and Chris Salerno talk about getting your home ready to go on the market in spring. If you’re interested in selling your house soon, get in touch with Chris, one of our top agents.

    In this cold weather, we’ve got a lot of houses with burst pipes. Here are some helpful tips on protecting the pipes from freezing:

    • turn on the water and let it run very little making sure that water flows through the pipe, so it doesn’t freeze
    • make sure the heat is on in the house
    • open the cabinets because you want that heat to go to the pipes
    • get covers for the outside of your water or faucet for your hose

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    STEPHEN: Hello, I’m Stephen Cooley and welcome to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show and I’d like to welcome back to the show one of the top agents here on my team, Chris Salerno. Chris, welcome back to today’s show.

    We’ve got a topic we want to talk about – about getting your home ready to go on the market if you’re thinking about doing it in the spring and summer but first of all wanted to address a current topic that’s really happening here and that’s this cold weather, 8 and 12 degrees outside and I understand that February and March are gonna be very cold this year and we’ve got a lot of folks with burst pipes and so I just wanted to address that because there’s some things you can do to keep the pipes from breaking and flooding your home and so we just wanted to hit on these.

    We chatted with a couple of local plumbers about some recommendations that we can give folks that will actually prevent that from happening. The average cost is around $5,000-$8,000 if you have a burst pipe because the water does so much damage and a lot of times these pipes are in the walls and in the ground and you really got a tear into the home to get to those pipes and so places up north are built to withstand colder weather than we are but a lot of construction here is not built to withstand this cold weather. So first of
    all you typically know you’ve got burst pipes if the water will not come on or if the toilet will not flush typically that’s the case and sometimes your pipes can be frozen and you will not have a leak, sometimes but the reason that you have the leak is when water freezes as we know it expands when it turns to ice and so not all piping can handle that pressure or can expand with the ice and so a lot of times that’s where we get burst pipes. If you have your
    water, you don’t have a problem until the water falls, so if you got water that will not come on, go turn your main water off in your home and open up some faucets so when it does fall it’s got somewhere to go. Now, we’re going to talk about how to prevent it if you know what’s gonna get cold outside, so what’s the first tip.

    CHRIS: First tip – very simple. All you have to do is turn on the water and let it run very little making sure that water flow through the pipe so it doesn’t freeze. It’s a lot harder when there’s water flowing to freeze it.

    STEPHEN: Absolutely and if the water does freeze it gives it somewhere to go if you’ve got one faucet opened up in the house. So a great tip there. Number 2: Make sure the heat’s on in the house and make sure the heat’s up because that’s what you’re relying on to keep the pipes from freezing. Homes that do not have heat on there’s no option but for the water to freeze.

    CHRIS: Correct, and the second tip is when that heat is on, open the cabinets because you want that heat to go to the pipes and everything like that so it doesn’t freeze.

    STEPHEN: Absolutely, and water heat and cold radiates down through the pipes, so if you can get some heat on the pipes that are inside the house that heat can travel down just enough to keep the water from freezing. Next tip.

    CHRIS: Next tip – very simple. All you have to do is go online and buy covers for the outside of your water or faucet for your hose. They just put it right on there so it doesn’t freeze.

    STEPHEN: Absolutely, again that cold outside it’s gonna radiate down through the pipes inside the home so if you can put covers on the outside, I’ve seen some heated, some not heated that can definitely prevent the pipes from freezing. And then the final one is if you know that you may have a problem you can always find out where the turn off valve to the water to the home. Make sure you find it on the street because a lot of times it’s bursting
    before you get inside where most of us have a turn off. So hopefully that those things will keep you from turning into this. If you do have it make sure you call your homeowners insurance before you do repairs, if you’re a renter you probably need renters insurance because the insurance that the landlord has will not cover your personal belongings. Now, let’s get to if you want to sell your home this spring and summer, the first thing I recommend is don’t wait because we do have a 12-month selling cycle here but a lot of people like to wait for the spring when the house is pretty so you’ve got about 3 months before the spring time to get your home ready to go on the market. We recommend if you want to wait for the spring, get your home on the market about mid-march. If you know you’re gonna do that, tip number 1 if you’re gonna sell your home in the spring..

    CHRIS: …is definitely call us you want us to come out there and the big thing is your curb appeal of the home. You want to make sure because everybody’s looking online these days at homes, you want to make sure that curb appeal of your home is just phenomenal and those with doing that it’s very easy – pressure washing the front, you want to make sure the fronts pressure wash, make sure the shrubs and the grass is cut for that time.

    STEPHEN: I always say a lot of times the best house ever look, Chris, is when it was new because the shrubs were little and made the house look big and also most of our homes have some architect design on it around the windows and things and the shrub gets older and it blocks all those. So really trim down your shrubs so the house looks big again and people can see the corners and everything of the home that’s a great tip, a curb appeal number 1. Number 2, if you think you’ve got problems with the house typically when we live in a home we know if we’ve got problems or not, go ahead and have a home inspection. We’ve got an inspector who advertises on this show, one of the best in the industry, have him
    out, I have a home inspection every 36 months on my home, and you can get ahead of waiting on a buyer who’s a stranger to tell you what’s wrong with your home and so that would definitely be win. Number 3: Getting your home on the market this spring – what to do now?

    CHRIS: Number 3 – you definitely want to give us a call again to come out there for staging your home, you know, staging is very simple, believe it or not, you just don’t want to have too less furniture in a room or a lot of furniture in the room. You don’t want it to feel cluttered.

    STEPHEN: Yeah, you don’t want always blocked walkways, entrances blocked, you want a traffic pattern in every room. A lot of us are big and our furniture is big and that sometimes makes a room look real small, so when you have us out, we can give you those tips. We’re certified of stagers and we can give you the tips to make sure that your home is showing the best. The next tip is clean out attics, basements if you have one and garages. A lot of people are trying to decide if the home will store their stuff that they don’t use everyday and most of us stick everything in our attic and our garages and our basements and those become very cluttered places. When your basement, garage or attic is cluttered that means the home doesn’t have storage and I would say probably 80% of the stuff in my personal attic I don’t want anymore so get rid of it before you put the home on the market. Final thing, paint is cheap so if you got strong colors in your home, we’ve got in our listing packet all the current colors that we recommend that helps your home sale. Sometimes you can paint a room – if you do it yourself for a couple hundred bucks. Clean carpet and if carpet is worn out replace the carpet and if you can afford it replace it with a solid surface hardwood type floor. We’re getting you know sometimes 500% more value out of what you pay for those type flooring. And again, the final thing is to give us a call, Chris is one of the best agents on our team. Chris tell folks how to reach you if they’re interested in selling their home or if they want to buy one of the homes.

    CHRIS: Thank you, you can reach me at salerno@stephencooley.com, that’s my email or you can reach me by phone 803-396-8992.

    STEPHEN: Thanks Chris for being on today’s show, I appreciate it. If you’re interested in selling your home or buying a home, give Chris a call, we’ve got all the homes available on our website stephencooley.com.

    Thanks for watching today. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show. If you’re interested in advertising your business on the program, please give us a call at 803-326-2777.

    Join us next week for more discussions on real estate topics and help in finding your perfect home. Thanks for watching.

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