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Happy Father’s Day

Sunday, June 19th this year celebrates all the fathers out there and we wanted to pay them tribute as well.  As we spoke about this around our offices this week, words like “loving, kind, humble…” resonated with many of us.  “Hero – or even Superhero – were thrown around as well.

We have favorite sons, daddy’s girls and more than a few proud dads around here. Some laughed, others smiled and a few even shed some tears when talking about what their fathers meant to them and what an impact they had upon their lives.

Dads surely have the ability to impact the lives of their children in a way completely unique from any other relationship.  They model to sons what a man should be, they exemplify for daughters what a husband could be and they personify for many of us the image of strength, stability and dedication.  

As part of our message to all those fathers, to those “dads, daddys and pops” – Stephen has shared a personal message across social media sharing his wishes for an amazing day.  He even added photos which clearly show how proud he is to be a father.  The rest of us on the team add our wishes as well. We hope Sunday is a day where you can be with your father, think and remember him if that’s the case, or simply spend time with the person that for you has served in that role in one capacity or another.

Happy Father’s Day!  Take a break, have some fun and enjoy the family and friends around you.

Now if you are a dad or just want to share thoughts of YOUR dad, we’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments down below with memories, shout outs or funny stories of what being a dad means to you or what your dad means to you.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


John Kotrides


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