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How to declutter your home before a move | Guest Blogger

We are thrilled to have Betty, a blogger for Moving Offices San Diego, discuss the best way to declutter your home before a move on our blog this week, check it out:

Moving can be very exciting. But to be honest, it requires detailed preparation and planning in order to finish everything without any unnecessary stress. Not to mention the costs of such an undertaking. Even the smallest forgotten item on the list can lead to additional unplanned expenses.

This is why it is highly recommended to gather information about every single aspect of the upcoming relocation. When it comes to things such as packing and the relocation of your belongings, you need to find a good and reliable moving company to hire. However, there are things you can do by yourself and earn a few extra dollars along the way, which will come quite in handy during your move. If you get rid of all unnecessary stuff prior to your relocation, you will save quite a bit in the moving process. So, here are a few ideas on how you can declutter your home and ease up your moving process.

Observe, Plan, Separate

It is always smart to have the list of all your belongings. If you have not made one yet, make sure you start making one this moment. This list will not be used just for decluttering your home but it will be your biggest ally in the packing and unpacking process as well.

First, you need to focus on one part of your home at a time. If you go berserk now and take out literally everything you have, you will lose a lot of time and even more nerves in the process. This is why it is very important to focus your attention separately on the bedroom, living room, garage, etc. Once you are in the desired room, mark four designated places on the floor for each pile you are going to make. Here is how you should pile the items:

  • Things you are going to keep – here will go all items you are keeping and moving to a new place. What is really important is once you decide you are keeping something, you should immediately write it down. It is the easiest way to keep record of all your belongings, and it will save you time during the packing process. Just label the boxes with the room name, and once you are at your new home, you will know exactly what goes where.
  • Stuff you are going to sell – here you will place all those things you no longer need or have never used but are still in a good condition. Once you sell all these unnecessary items, you will have more room and a bigger budget. And as a direct result of that, your moving costs will also drop, as you will not have as many things to relocate. But here is one more idea – think about the stuff you want to replace. I bet you have a bunch of home appliances that are still working, but you would like to buy new ones. And not just appliances but also sofas, lamps, dining tables etc. Sell them now and buy new ones once you move to your new place.
  • Items you will donate to charity – this is something every responsible member of the community should do occasionally. And now it is the perfect moment to act responsibly and to feel good about it. This pile should contain all that clothes you haven’t used for a while, kids’ toys, or whatever you might want to give away. But, before you actually donate all this stuff, make sure you wash, dry and iron them. If there is something that should be fixed – do it. It is important to give items that are usable.
  • Garbage – everything you consider to be a waste or can’t be fixed. Try not to be overly emotional. Something you did not use or fix for years does not belong at your new home. If there is anything that could be recycled, be friendly to the environment and find the closest recycling center where you can drop it off.

Organize a Yard Sale

Now that the hard part is done, it is time to make some money. Organize a yard sale where you will sell everything from the “Stuff you are going to sell” pile. Wash the clothes, remove the dust, polish everything and lay it all out for your neighbors to see clearly. Besides earning extra money, this is also a good way to say goodbye to your neighborhood. If you are a parent, place a lemonade stand for the children. Not only will it attract more people but it is generally a good example of responsible parenting.

In case you cannot organize a yard sale for some reason, try the local flea market or one of the numerous online second-hand sale websites. This is something you need to be patient with, as you will most probably not sell everything in a single day. What is important is that it will pay off in the end.

What to do with extra items?

There is that specific situation where you are going to relocate to a new home that is smaller than your current one. And you simply can’t fit everything you have but you are not willing to get rid of the extra belongings. In a situation like this, a local moving company has the answer to your dilemma. As mentioned before, finding a reliable and experienced moving company should be something you do in the first stage of planning your move. And as experienced moving professionals, they have probably already dealt with any potential problems you might have and will gladly help you solve them with optimal solutions.

Also, if you have the problem of fitting all the items in a particular room, you can always find a good storage unit to deposit all items you are not using at the moment. This is a good solution for seasonal clothing and accessories, for example. So, there you have it – all you need to know about decluttering your home before a move – we hope it helps and wish you the best of luck with the upcoming relocation!

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