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How to Sell Your Home in the Spring

Once you realize you are about to sell your home, you need to decide which season is the best one to do it. You need to think about all the factors, including temperature, holidays – even people’s mood. For example, the holiday season is a busy time and most people are less worried about moving and more worried about spending time with family. Even though there are so many things to take into consideration when selling a home – choosing spring as the sale season can help a lot. So, if you decide to sell your home in the spring, be sure to read our tips on doing it successfully.

Figure 1 If you want to sell your home in the spring – you’ve made a great decision

Why you should sell your home in the spring?

If you are not sure about the time to sell your home, let’s see the reasons why you should sell your home in the spring first, before we go to the main selling tips.

Weather encourages the buyers

As the weather becomes warmer in spring months, housing markets also tend to heat up. Spring months are way busier than harsh winter months when it comes to real estate. Most buyers aren’t in the mood for browsing homes while it is cold, so they start looking for a perfect house once the weather becomes nice.

Days are longer

Once the spring season kicks in, days become longer. This means buyers have more time in their day to browse homes after work and on weekends. If you decide to sell your home in the spring, you can definitely expect a lot of potential buyers who have prepared their finances and are ready to make the purchase.

Buyers want to finish before summer

A conscious buyer wants to buy a home in the spring. Why, you ask? Well, if you have a family, you will understand that relocation takes time. That’s why it’s wise to move in before the hot months and summer vacation come. Therefore, if you want to sell your home in the spring, you are making a great decision. Many buyers are anxious to buy a house in early spring, so they can move in as soon as possible – late spring or early summer.

Figure 2 Buyers tend to buy houses easily in the spring, as they want to move in before the summer

You can get a higher price for your home

As we mentioned before, buyers are in a hurry to move in before spring. Therefore, it is probable that you will sell your house much faster and earn more money. As more buyers are browsing the housing market, you can expect more offers on your home. This means better bids – and more money. It’s only left for you to choose the best offer. Isn’t that a great reason to sell your home in the spring?

It’s a good time for you to relocate, too

As you are selling your home, we guess you plan to move as well. Selling a home in the spring means you can easily find another house for yourself. Consider the location – relocating to a place such as South Carolina has its benefits. Find a home you really like, and it will be much easier for you to relocate if you choose to do it in springtime.

Get ready to sell your home in the spring

Before you start selling your home, you need to make sure it is ready and presentable for the potential buyers. So, don’t wait for spring to start the preparations. Once the winter holidays are over, you can slowly start preparing your home for the big sale.

Light is important

Nobody wants to buy a home which looks dark and hostile. Let the natural light into your home, making it bright and inviting. Raise the shades, move the curtains and make the rooms bright again. If natural light isn’t an option, invest in a few more light bulbs to make the place brighter.

Figure 3 When preparing to sell your home in the spring, you have the perfect opportunity to let natural light inside your home

Do minor repairs and updates

If some things are outdated or broken – be sure to replace them. If there are any wall holes, leaky faucets, broken doors, etc. – fix them and don’t let the small things like those turn away potential buyers.

Do the spring cleaning – make the house sparkle

Nothing is more attractive to a potential buyer than a sparkly clean home. Take this job seriously – read all the spring cleaning tips and make the house spotless. This spring cleaning should be a thorough and detailed polish of your home – consider hiring a professional to help you out. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom area – these are the big selling points for a lot of buyers.

Figure 4 Spring cleaning is one of the top priorities when you want to sell your home in the spring

Consider the outside of your home, too

Sometimes, sellers get so fussed about cleaning and fixing the inside, they forget the main selling point – the outside. Go outside your house and look at it from the street. Does it look attractive? Is there anything wrong with the roof? Does the front door need painting? Do you still have any Christmas decorations hanging? Take an objective look at your house and see if it needs some fixing. Also, be sure to add some spring-appropriate decoration, like a wreath on the door.

Other tips to sell your home in the spring fast

  • paint the walls white or any neutral color – let the buyer imagine their own décor style.
  • remove the personal/favorite items – if you are not selling a favorite chandelier or a piece of art, be sure to remove it from the buyers’ sight. If you don’t have enough room for those items, consider looking for extra space for your belongings. Renting storage is a great idea in a situation like this.
  • declutter – before you start receiving potential buyers, declutter your home. This is beneficial on many levels: your home will seem cleaner and bigger; you will have fewer items to pack and the moving costs can be significantly lower.
  • think about the smells – let the fresh air come inside your home. Add a nicely scented candle and don’t cook smelly food right before buyers come to your home.

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