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Hurdles In The Home Buying Process | The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

This week Stephen met with Rick Trexel, an agent from our Fort Mill office and they discussed the hurdles you will most likely encounter when you are in the middle of purchasing a home in the 2018 summer real estate market. Rick is one of the newer agents to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group and he would love to work with you for any of your real estate needs. Call our office today and we will set up an appointment for you with Rick!

  1. Becoming Pre-Approved: Find the right lender for you and your home loan and then becoming pre-approved. There are many different federal guidelines on lending money for a home, so this is something that you must be pre-approved to do before shopping for a home. Having a strong approval so that you are well-suited to extend an offer to a seller in order to secure your home. Pro-Tip: Attach the Pre-Approval letter is attached to any offer that you send to a seller, this lets them know that you are a serious contender.
  2. Inspections & Negotiating Repairs: This is a ‘physical’ of the home that every real estate transaction goes through, it’s a well check to see what is working well and what is not. Be sure when going through this phase or hurdle that the outcome is a win-win for both the buyer and the seller.
  3. Under Appraisal: This is when the home appraises under the terms that were agreed upon for the sell of the home. Although this doesn’t happen often it can be a possibility in this buyers’ market we are currently in. Having the right real estate agent will help you understand what are next steps for this type of situation and the best way to negotiate with a seller in order to meet in the middle to get you the home you want.
  4. The Home Stretch, Are You Clear to Close? These are the last items that are checked off before you can close on the home such as insurance documents stating that the home will be correctly insured, bank will pull employment verification one last time, etc. When these are checked off and verified you are clear to close on your new home!

At the end of the day if you are not satisfied with the home you purchased you can opt into our ‘Love It or Leave It’ Program. This is our program that allows you to list the home with us for free if you do not love the home that was sold to you. The program is good for the first year that you own the home and you must buy another using the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group as the buyer’s agent.

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