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    In the latest episode of the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show, Stephen chats with Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group agent Chris Salerno about that current state of the Lake Wylie real estate market.

    There are homes for sale on the lake in every surrounding community, including Lake Wylie, Tega Cay, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie SC, Belmont and South Charlotte NC, with prices ranging anywhere from $350,000 in Rock Hill SC, all the way up to $2.9 million in south Charlotte.  The median price range for homes for sales is roughly $875,000.

    There is everything from large lots with gorgeous open water views, all the way to smaller lots with access to quiet coves.

    Watch this recent episode below:

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    Prefer to read? Here are the transcripts of the video:

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    STEPHEN: Hello, I’m Stephen Cooley and welcome to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show. I’m very excited to have Chris Salerno back on the show and today I wanted to talk about beautiful Lake Wylie and one of the reasons is as we all know some people live on the lake here some people put boats on the lake, swim, fish on the lake, the lake offers all water activities and then some people don’t even know we have a lake. So they know that we’ve probably got the Catawba river because all that’s been opened up recently and so when you see the river is running out of Lake Wylie and there’s actually 13 lakes on the Catawba River chain and we’re one of them and Lake Wiley’s the second oldest on it. So, brought Chris on the show today because you’re a Lake Wylie expert. And, so tell us some things about the lake that most of us probably don’t even know.

    CHRIS: Well, Lake Wylie was a man-made lake. It’s approximately 13,000 acres of the water, and it sits up to Charlotte, North Carolina, Belmont, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie and Tega Cay and in 1904 the Catawba power plant built the dam which was only 668 acres, and now it’s 13,000.

    STEPHEN: So they built it and then they made it bigger in the 1920s. And I was reading where it didn’t have the name Lake Wylie until 1960 which is not that long ago.

    CHRIS: No. One of the founders who owned the power company back then when they built the dam in 1904, John Stephens Wiley, they named it right after him.

    STEPHEN: Okay good and as most of us know there’s all kind of different boat accesses on the lake so if you own a boat, pretty much every city around the lake has boating access and as you were mentioning the cities around the lake we’ve got homes available throughout every community on the lake and there are so many communities on the lake. I have to make a list. So it’s Belmont, York, Clover, River Hills, Tega Cay, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte. All these addresses kind of wrap around the lake and with 325 miles of shoreline around the lake, you start in Rock Hill and you make them a complete circle around the lake and come back to Rock Hill it’s probably going to take you a full day of driving to get all the way around the lake and there’s most of us know when we live here there’s kind of two ways to get across it. You’ve got 77 and then you’ve got the Buster Boyd Bridge in Lake Wylie and those are really the only two crossings so when you live somewhere south of Charlotte you wonder why it may take you a little bit longer to get to Charlotte because you’re trying to get around the lake. So tell us about the real estate on Lake Wylie because a lot of people are interested in waterfront homes. So approximately right now and all those cities Chris if you just added them together how many waterfront homes are available currently on the market?

    CHRIS: Currently on market approximately 96 that are available that are on the lake.

    STEPHEN: Yeah one could have went on the market five minutes ago and sold. So approximately 96 homes and so you’ve got 96 waterfront homes if you want to live on the lake and what I’ve noticed in selling lakefront properties for 29 years, you’ve got folks that really want to look across the lake and have magnificent views of the lake and of course you pay for that. And then you’ve got folks that just really want boat access. And so you may be up in a cove less of a view, but you got a dock you got your boat down there, and so they’re living on the lake. But there are multiple ways people live on it. So once people narrow down if they want to live in North or South Carolina. Then they narrow down, maybe the school system; and then they narrow down whether they want big water view and willing to pay for it or they just want their dock on the water that helps determine pricing. So that’s what my next question is for you – What’s the cheapest you can get home Lake Wylie right now?

    CHRIS: Cheapest on Lake Wylie is in Rock Hill for 350.

    STEPHEN: 350 and I would be betting that’s the manufactured home probably.

    CHRIS: It is.

    STEPHEN: And then when you get into stick built smaller homes on the lake you’re in the 4 & 5

    CHRIS: Correct, yes.

    STEPHEN: Okay, and so the least expensive that has a structure on it but you can sleep ends in the mid threes. What’s the most expensive on the other side of that.

    CHRIS: Most expensive are in Charlotte and that’s 2.9 million.

    STEPHEN: 2.9 million currently available on the Lake Wylie. If you’re interested in buying home, there’s a home on Lake Wylie for right under three million dollars. So we’d be happy to show that to people and the medium price range right now if you take all homes with structures not vacant lot, but all homes with structures on it just a medium price range of homes on what they like, right?

    CHRIS: It’s around 875,000.

    STEPHEN: Okay. All right. Well, that’s good information. So if you’re looking in the four, and five you probably are looking at an older home or smaller home and then when you get up into the 6,7 and 8 that’s what the average price point for homes curretly for sale on Lake Wylie. So, we definitely can help you. We’ve got a Lake Wylie expert in the office, all the agents got another agent in the office that lives on the lake we can even show you the lake by boat if you choose to do that, so if you’re interested in lake property we would love to help you with that and if you haven’t enjoyed the lake go out and enjoy the lake. And every of one of these cities has a park or a dock or something that you can get out there on the water. Yeah, and so it’s a deep lake I saw the average depth is around 25 feet but I think in certain parts of the lake because it’s almost 100 feet it gets pretty deep.

    Great lake information Chris, tell folks how to reach you.

    CHRIS: You can reach me at – that’d be the quickest way to reach.

    STEPHEN: Absolutely and Chris knows all the information on Lake Wylie and of course all properties in and around Charlotte, North Carolina and in South Carolina, so Chris is a great agent on the team, so if you want great real estate advice or you want to get your home on the market give us a call here at 803 9 85 1240.

    Thank you again Chris with a great Lake Wylie information, and we’ll be right right back.

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