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Latest Trends in Kitchen Design for 2016

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As any HGTV addicted viewer will tell you – it’s all about the kitchen.  Even today when families are busier than ever running in twenty directions at once, the kitchen remains the heart of the home.  Maybe now, more than ever, updating your kitchen to reflect 2016’s hottest trends can give your home the face lift you need to fall in love with it more than ever before.  So if you’re looking to reignite your love affair with your home, shopping around for ideas for your next “romance” in a new home, or just wanting to dream big and browse what’s hot, this blog is just for you!

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It’s not that long ago that avocado and gold appliances adorned every hip kitchen.  Linoleum and colorful formica reigned supreme!  Today – retro tastes aside – things have changed and continue to evolve.  The beauty in design today is that there’s not that “one look” that reflects updated.  Various overall design elements can continue to help us express individual style and taste while at the same time fitting in with the general scheme of the home as a whole.  It’s important to remember that the kitchen should still fit in the home it finds itself in.  A beautiful 19th century beauty with original elements lovingly cared for may not be the best place to find a highly contemporary kitchen.  That being said, all rules are meant to be broken and in real estate we can honestly say “We’ve seen it all!”

Now without delay – some of the trends making headlines in 2016 kitchens!

Overall style:

Transitional kitchens fusing elements of both contemporary and traditional design seem to be edging out the competition in 2016.  Clean, minimalist lines, modern appliances married seamlessly into the plan and solid surface, natural counter tops – often quartz or white granite – tend to be the order of the day.  Transitional plans really saw a push in 2015 and remain a popular choice today.  Homeowner’s love the ability to have the flexibility to marry different, more traditional fixtures with contemporary choices in surfaces and appliances giving the transitional kitchen an easy, clean, blended look and feel.

Contemporary design took a back seat to the transitional elements in 2015 but experts see it surging forward in 2016 and remains a strong contender.  Often mistaken for it’s more retro and vintage cousin – the modern style kitchen, contemporary design features the most “up to the minute” trends, the highest tech in appliances, cutting edge storage solutions and an overall layered approach to it’s look.  More traditional elements are struck from the design plan differentiating these kitchens from that transitional look we mention above.

The death of the Traditional style kitchen has often been declared throughout the last couple of years, but has yet to be confirmed.  Definitely declining in popularity in 2015 and continuing throughout 2016, traditional kitchens still abound especially in older, architectural homes that compliment the seeming “timelessness” of such a look.  Boasting multiple finishes, decorative moldings, texture and arches, the traditional kitchen has detail everywhere you look.

So, that being said – what’s hot today?  Following are some specific trends that seem to finding themselves in the go-to kitchens of 2016.

  • White, crisp, clean cabinetry.  Although grey and even shades of blue are starting to pop up – white still rules our kitchens in 2016.
  • Wood is where it’s at for flooring.  Depending on where you are in the country tile may be what you see when you look down at your kitchen floor but in general – hardwoods have surpassed tile in popularity.
  • Gourmet appliances.  Whether you’re a “make it and take it” kind of cook, take out and bring it home, or a 5 star chef of the finest order, gourmet level appliances are found in today’s hottest kitchens.  Stand alone ovens still command the market share but cook-top and wall oven combinations are coming on strong.  Side by side refrigerators saw a market drop in 2015 and although they are still the number one choice, are beginning to see freezer on the bottom sneaking up on them.  Stainless steel still remains untouchable although 2016 has added colored stainless design options like black or even a “sunset bronze” finish.
  • Your kitchen needs to be smart!  Hidden charging stations and integrated work stations are continuing to be popular in today’s kitchens.  The home office is increasingly being integrated into smart kitchen designs so that as the kids are working on their homework at the island, you can be doing yours nearby!
  • Color is slowly making it’s way back, but neutral, muted tones are still the order of the day.  Although white remains the number one choice, two-toned design and color blocked kitchens utilizing grays and blues are beginning to make their way into our hearts.
  • Open, open, open.  Open concept is not going away anytime soon.  Free flowing, smartly designed space is crucial for the way we live and doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.
  • Natural, solid surface counter tops.  Don’t take your counter-tops for granite.  Ouch.  Bad puns aside granite (especially white) is still the preferred choice for discriminating home owners.  Those in search of the next big trend have looked to quartz as proven by it’s growing use in early 2016.
  • Storage!  Whether it’s deep cabinets, pull outs, roll outs, or open shelving – de-cluttering our kitchens is definitely important in 2016.  As we accumulate our smart phones, smart toys and smart appliances, today’s most sought after kitchen design gives us a place to put it all!

So there you have it.  A small sampling of what’s going on in our trendiest kitchens.  Ready to join in?  The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group would love to see what York County’s got going on in the heart of YOUR home.  Between May 26, 2016 and June 30, 2016 head over to our facebook page at TheStephenCooleyTeam and upload a picture of your recently updated or long time beloved kitchen.  Share your post with friends and family to collect “likes” as votes and you could win prizes to include:

  • Go Pro Hero with multiple mounts, 1080 30fps capability, & included SD card
  • Bragging rights as York County’s Best Kitchen
  • Stephen Cooley Gift Bag
  • Most importantly – Stephen Cooley himself will tape his weekly TV show from the winning kitchen!!

For official Rules and information please see our official rules page HERE.


Can’t wait to see what y’all have going on in those beautifully renovated or meticulously crafted kitchens!

Until next time,


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