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Moving Tips – Designed to Save Money

Moving to a new home can give you the jitters especially if you’ve been living in the old home for years or even decades – every nook familiar, every cranny warm and cozy.

But to look at relocation in a new positive light – consider it as a new chapter in one’s life. An empty chapter which will be written with new unforgettable bonds and memories. This is also a perfect time to call a reliable and professional real estate company.

If you think you can handle packing and moving all your stuff in your own truck and drive it yourself to and fro the new destination then, by all means, go right ahead and start now because it’s going to take a couple of trips to move everything.

Nonetheless, if you want an easy-breezy move, it’s best to leave everything to the experts. Now, if you want to save money during the entire process, I suggest you read on and do these 5 useful home shifting tips that’ll help you save money.

1. Declutter Your Home and Get Rid of Useless Things

First things first, declutter your home and get rid of the things you no longer need. If you’re a hoarder, now is the time to get rid of this addiction and choose the things that are worth bringing into the new house.

You can donate them (I’m sure your trash could be another man’s treasure) or set up a garage sale a few weeks before D-day.

Another important point is to consume all the perishables before your move. Moving a lot of them can turn into a catastrophe when bottles break or food turn stale.

2. Compare Home Shifting Services’ Prices

The home shifting price varies depending on how much the total weight is during the move. There are a couple of stubborn house owners who don’t declare everything so they can get a lower quote and truth be told, they’ll likely end up paying more on the day of the move!

The movers will eventually find out and charge you more for stuff that wasn’t included in the original quote. Be honest and play your cards right. If you feel one service is too expensive then try calling other services until you find one that fits your budget.

3. Plan Ahead

Doing last-minute tasks almost always turn out unsuccessful and costly in the end. If you’re a smart homeowner who’s on the verge of moving, then plan everything ahead and book the home shifting service in advance. Also, try to do the move during the weekdays as home shifting trucks might tend to have a loose schedule compared to moving during the weekends. Home shifting services possibly jack up their prices during weekends because there are customers on the queue. Spare a day from work to do this if you have to.

4. Pack All the Stuff Yourself

Instead of hiring a packing service, why not do it yourself? If you plan weeks in advance, you can start slowly and surely by packing the things you don’t really need daily first then slowly moving on to the “daily things” as D-day approaches. You’ll save money and are assured that everything is packed the way you want it.

5. Check Truck Timing Permits Before D-day

Most cities don’t permit huge trucks with heavy loads during a certain time of the day. If you’re okay moving during the night, you won’t be bothered by this at all. But if you prefer moving the daytime (which is much easier), the shifting truck might be fined and we all know who must shoulder the fine – yes YOU! So double check shifting timing in the destination city and the nearby cities as well.

We hope that you will enjoy your relocation like how we enjoyed giving you these tips. After all, anyone could use a little bit of saved up money.

Author Bio: Sarah Brooks,is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, renewable energy innovations and more. She spends her free time hiking, swimming, camping and spending time with her family. She also blogs at GeneratorLab which is a site filled with home energy tips and guides.

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