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Pam Morrell Has Joined the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group – The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

Longtime Rock Hill area real estate superstar, Pam Morrell, has joined the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group and we couldn’t be happier!

Pam has been a perfect example of what we aspire to be here at SCREG – caring, compassionate, extremely hard-working, and willing to do everything possible (within ethical bounds of course!) to help our clients be success.

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Prefer to read? Here are the transcripts of the video:
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STEPHEN: Hello, I’m Stephen Cooley and welcome to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show. On today’s show I’ve got one of the most exciting guests I’ve ever had on the show in 17 years of filming and that is Pam Morrell.
Welcome to the show Pam. Pam’s been my mentor for over 30 years because you’ve been in the business how long now?

PAM: 40!

STEPHEN: So Pam’s been in the real estate business here locally for 40 years. I got into
business in the late 80s and she was always been my go-to person. We’ve been friendly competitors, we’ve worked in the same office one time together and even through all that I could go to Pam and say ‘hey, I’m having a problem with this, I have some questions about this situation’ and you always have answered those and helped me and I just want to publicly thank you for that right now.

PAM: Listen you’re a treat to work with in every respect, I promise.

STEPHEN: I really appreciate that. So the other thing that I’m very excited about, more excited about anything I’ve ever done in 30 years and that’s to announce that Pam Morrell’s
business has joined the group here at the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group. So we’re very excited about that. We’ve merged our two companies to offer the absolute best amazing service to our clients and customers.

PAM: Together we really are one. It’s going to be amazing.

STEPHEN: It’s going to be amazing. When did you get into real estate.

PAM: In 1978, we moved here in ’76 and ’78 my oldest went to university and my youngest went to kindergarten, so that was the time.

STEPHEN: And been a top producing agent award-winning agent since the day you got into business so that longevity and that continuous service to the clients and customers has really shown through there’s no one in town that doesn’t know Pam Morrell. I know there’s lots of things you love about the industry, you’ve done it for 40 years and you’ve served over 3,000 local families Wow what’s the thing you like most about real estate?

PAM: Honestly, I guess I would say just being able to make a difference whether somebody’s buying up, buying down, getting divorced, separating, dealing with the death, dealing with an estate, no matter what you get to make a difference. Let them get on with their lives and
it’s such a feel-good.

STEPHEN: Buying and selling real estate really is tied to a life change and a part of that change is having to change houses. Sometimes those changes are positive but sometimes they’re not. You get really involved in the people’s lives there and helping them get on with their lives, getting to their dream home or selling a home that they are no longer in need of is such an honor and so it’s interesting that we’ve both been driving forces in the industry kind of run in parallel and really not dealing with each other’s clients that much but crawl selling and I’ve sold lots of your properties and you’ve sold lots of mine and you’ve always just been tremendous at representing sellers, some of the best in the country. Best representation in the country for your sellers and everybody knows that. Buyers too.

PAM: Well, you know, it’s a big responsibility because this is typically the biggest investment they ever make is in their home and you have to be their advocate because sometimes  they’re their own worst enemy and they don’t know it but for every reason they’ve got going on, they need somebody else to be able to tone everything down and keep your eye on the pie.

STEPHEN: I can imagine if I was selling my home I would be a wreck and I’d be probably your worst client because it’s such an emotional thing when you let go of your house.

PAM: But sometimes having that challenge is just ‘yes’ because you know you can do it, you
know you can make a difference, you know you can get them from here to here and they will have a smile on their face.

STEPHEN: Yeah and one of the many things that you’ve mentored and taught me is that you’ve got to stay up on the market, you’ve got to know the changing market our real estate market changes just like the stock market and you’ve got to stay up on that and then you’ve got to be the energy and the caring force for people through this transaction and your energy and your positive nature has kept people focused on their move for so long and you tell them what not necessarily they want to hear but what they need to hear to make sure that they get the right information clear information and I learned that from you.

PAM: Well, thank you. You’re exactly right. You know we have to be mediators, we have to be able to not necessarily say what they want to hear but we have to say what they need to hear and in a way that they can take it as their own and that’s an art and you and I we’ve had some deals together that we’ve made it happen that people might have bet or not.

STEPHEN: Yeah and out of all the committee’s you’ve served on, you’ve been board president twice, you’ve served and chaired almost every realtor committee here locally in statewide and you’re also a trained mediator that probably helps, doesn’t it?

PAM: It does, it’s amazing it helps with your kids, it helps with your husband, with your fellow realtor, it helps with buyers and sellers. Everything is mediation in some respect and probably that’s the one thing I would tell every realtor to do is take a mediation class.

STEPHEN: Yeah, and being a professional mediator where people can hire you to come in and mediate that certainly has helped pull a lot of real estate deals together out there.

PAM: It has and I must say I don’t mediate anymore, I stepped aside on that but I did it for 20 years. And it was.. you talk about fun yes it was, you know the competitiveness in me anyway, I did once with five different realtors involved from different companies. I did it with two boards of realtors that didn’t have a dividing line down the lower part of the state I mean you know you can do it, they just don’t understand that they could do it too they just need that third party and they’re just sort of shown the way and then everybody’s happy.
You’re a mediator sometimes between husbands and wives, sometimes between the buyer and the seller, sometimes between the neighbor and the seller.

STEPHEN: Pam now it’s a really honor, I don’t have to call and don’t have to walk or drive down the street to find you, I can just yell for you in the building and say please help! So, it’s Pam Morrell and Pam Morrell’s business is now with the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group and my group has never been happier in their lives, one said it was like Willy Wonka opening the chocolate and getting the gold tickets. That’s how we see you joining our group with all your knowledge, leadership and we continue to look forward to growing your business and our business together and that’s Pam Morrell. Pam, you’re just a phone call away, give them that number.

PAM: 803-325-9900

STEPHEN: And that’s Pam Morrell now with the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group. Please stay tuned, we’ll be right back.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show. If you’re interested in advertising your business on the program, please give us a call at 803-326-2777. Join us next week for more discussions on real estate topics and help in finding your perfect home. Thanks for watching.

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I have nothing but good things to say about the Stephen Cooley Team! Everyone we’ve dealt with was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I have and will continue to keep business coming your way!
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