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Renovation Recommendations: Kitchen Counter-Tops

When updating your kitchen one of the biggest features to focus one is the counter-tops. There are many different types of counter-tops available from wood to concrete and all of these different types have their own characteristics and benefits. Here is some information for the most popular counter-top types thanks to Counter-top Guides:

Granite Counter-tops: Granite is a natural stone that can come in many different colors and patterns. It can be sealed to keep things like bacteria and dirt from being absorbs. Granite is also heat resistant so, even though not all recommend it, you can place things like a hot pan on the counter directly and the stone will not melt or crack. All granite comes from the earth so not two pieces are the same so, this means that some patterns can be busy and other can be more plan. This gives you the opportunity to really make your kitchen custom and unique to you.

Quartz Counter-tops: Unlike granite, quartz is not a natural stone, even though it looks similar. Quartz is an engineered counter top, so it is very durable.  One benefit that quartz offers that granite does not is, that quarts won’t absorb liquid. Some lighter color granite’s have been known to absorb bright colors like red Kool-Aid and with quartz you have no worries!

Laminate Counter-tops: Laminate counters tops are made of a durable plastic. Even though it is not the trendiest material to use in 2018, it is still popular due to its affordability and its wide range in color options. Laminate will not absorb liquids, but it can dent and will melt if hot objects are set on them.

Concrete Counter-tops: Concrete is one of the newest and popular material to use for counter tops. It is appealing to consumers because of its lends well with monochromatic schemes and will have a minimalist feel. With concrete, you will need to beware that it is more to crack, and that concrete is more porous

Butcher-block Counter-tops: Butcher-block is a very popular counter top to use on small kitchen surfaces like an island. It is all wood and can be customized and, unlike all the other types of counter-tops, you can retain and change the color without losing the integrity of the material.  Unfortunately, butcher-block is known to absorb the most, so it can become unsanitary if raw meats and poultry is used on them.

Marble Counter-tops: Marble counter-tops are one of the most elegant and pricey types of counter-tops. Marble, like granite, comes from natural stone, so each piece is unique. Marble is also porous, so unless it is sealed and cleaned regularly is can stain. Marble is a very timeless material, so you can rest easy that once the investment is made, it will last!

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