Selling Options To Get Your Home Sold | Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

    This week Stephen sat down with Chris Salerno and discussed the different programs we have to get homes sold for our clients.

    Instant Offer Program – this is for the homeowner that has personal issues that require their home to be sold as soon as possible. Our team will come out and give you an offer on the home in order to get your home sold quickly. Keep in mind that not all homes qualify for this program and the goal is not to get you top dollar but to sell you home, why is this? We have an investor that is buying the home and

    Guaranteed Sale Program – This is exclusively to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group, we love it and our clients have benefited from it. We’ll put your home on the market for an agreed upon price, put our marketing behind it, possible price reductions and if it doesn’t sell we will then buy the home at the end of the agreed upon time frame.

    Traditional Home Sales – This is what most of our sellers do and gives them the advantage to make the most money when the home sells.

    Don’t forget to come see us at Baxter Fall Festival in Baxter Village, Fort Mill SC. October 20 from noon-6 pm.


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    You were always pleasant when we talked, you were ready to answer any questions. I could not ask for anyone to be any better than you all were.
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