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Stephen’s Picks: Best Wall Color

There are many things that go into making a house a home and the biggest of all is the paint that you choose since it can be seen at all times. Whether your style is farmhouse chic, mid-century modern or industrial, paint is the basis for any style preference. Paint is also an important resell factor for homes, so be mindful of this when you choose your paint color. Be flexible when you’re buying or selling a home that your counter part in a real estate transaction may use the paint you choose as the basis for some of their negotiations.

In the 30 years that Stephen has been helping buyers and sellers, he’s developed an eye for paint colors in a home to help it sell faster and gathered some painting tips to pass on:

  • The best paint colors are neutrals: grey, beige, off-white. Although styles and decorating preferences change over the years, neutral paint colors remain a constant among the every changing home decor landscape. Stephen’s picks for best home wall colors:

  • When painting any room, be sure to prep!
    • Clean the surface to ensure there is no grime or grease between the wall and the primer.
    • Use primer, this will help cover up any previous colors on the wall. Dampen your roller or brush to get off to a fast start. Spill some and need to clean it up? Try water for latex paints and paint thinner for alkyd or oil-based paints.
    • Once the primer is dry, sand away any bumps or imperfections.
    • Commence painting your choice color!
  • Don’t forget about trim colors! These frame out your walls and can polish the look of any room. Stephen recommends:
    • Oxford White
    • White Dove
    • Wedding Veil
    • Simple White


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