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Stephen’s Picks: Home Flooring

Flooring is a crucial part of any home due to the fact it’s something that is used every single day in a home. Flooring is all based on personal preference and style, are you an engineered hardwood type or a carpet throughout the home person? These days there are many different types of flooring to choose from, how can you be sure which one is correct for you? Read through Stephen’s pick’s for home flooring before making your decision.

Bathroom Flooring:

Tile floors is what Stephen recommends for any home bathroom as it will hold up against moisture from showers. Style wise Stephen prefers a travertine or large tile flooring to complete the look of any bathroom. Water in flooring in your bathroom can lead to mold issues, using tile will help mitigate issues with mold since it utilizes grout and a moisture barrier if installed properly.

Bedroom and Living Room Flooring:

“I might be a little old school but I still love carpet in a bedroom, it gives a bedroom a cozy, comfortable feel,” said Stephen. If your family loves to sit or play on the floor in your living room he also recommends carpet for the main living area of the home. Just like with paint, it’s best to keep your carpet a neutral color and currently, white or beige carpet is trending.

Stephen does not recommend berber carpet or a carpet with any type of design in it simply because it will fade over time and you want to get a carpet type that will last. The latest carpet technology allows for it to be stain resistant which is crucial for families with small children and bonus, this could be a value add when going to sell your home.

Stairs and Staircase Flooring:

Stephen prefers hardwood stairs with a carpet runner to give your home a more polished look with the quietness of carpet.

Kitchen and Hallways:

Pre-finished, engineered hardwoods have come a long way in the past 30 years since Stephen started in real estate. Initially, Stephen didn’t like engineered hardwoods but today’s look and feel amazing. Stephen recommends hardwood flooring for kitchen’s and hallways throughout a home, especially if you have an open floor plan it’s best keep the flooring consistent. “When you have an open floor plan, one continuous type of flooring looks better in a home.”

Bonus Flooring Tips:

  • Your flooring should be the opposite of what your wall color is, for example if you have light grey walls a dark hardwood floor will compliment it or vice versa, light flooring with dark colored walls.
  • If there are multiple floor types in a home, keep in mind the noises that can bounce off of hard surfaces and make sure that you have the proper flooring transitions between each flooring type. This is something that will come up during a home inspection if the flooring transitions are not up to code.
  • Small tile, extra large hardwood or laminate slats, berber carpet or carpet with design are style trends that come and go very quickly. As always we recommend going with something classic that will stand the test of time for home decor.

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