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    Summer Real Estate Myths Debunked

    While there is a seasonality to the real estate market, there are often stigma’s around placing your property on the market at certain times of the year.  We want to put your concerns to rest about NOT selling your home in the summer as summer is a fantastic time to sell your home! Summer 2018 is becoming one of the best summer’s EVER to sell your home. The summer is far from over, so now is the time if you’ve been considering selling your home.

    Myth: Homes are harder to sell in the summer months

    Fact: This is false! There is more inventory during this peak time of year and often this leads to the buyers having more opportunities to get what they want, whether that be a larger kitchen, higher quality amenities, etc.

    Myth: More competition for buyers in the summer months

    Fact: This is not true. With summer being the primary time that people vacation, this can lead to more opportunities for buyers since other competing buyers will be engaged in theirs vacations rather than focusing solely on house hunting.

    Myth: Buyers are more laid back about purchasing homes in the summer

    Fact: This couldn’t be farther from the truth as most buyers are motivated to get into a home before school starts. Often times they have been searching for the right home for months and have not been able to secure it previously due to multi-offer situations, amenities not being met, etc.

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