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    Tips for Moving With Kids | The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group

    This week Stephen sat down with our agent Crystal Clemence to discuss tips for families moving with children and how to properly prepare your kids for the big move. Why is this important? A move across town can be just as traumatic to a child as a move across the country if it’s not handled correctly since kids hear and see things differently than adults do.

    Announce The Move 

    Be specific with your children about why the family is making this change and involve them in the house hunting process. We recommend that you take them to see your final few homes and letting them feel as though they have a say so in the big adjustment for the family. Make house hunting fun! Split the day up between house hunting and fun for the kids. In our area we have an amusement park, Carowinds and the brand new Adventure Air Sports with Indoor Trampolines.

    Make sure that if you are relocating you work with your employers to move during the summer months as this downtime between school year’s and helps get your child settled prior to the new school year.


    The move and unpacking in the new home is NOT the time to de-clutter your home, work on that when you put your current home on the market. Make an effort for your child’s room to be the first place set up in the new home, let me choose a new color to paint it, arrange it how they want, etc. This will help give them a sense of security and familiarity.

    Watch the full episode now and if you’d like to work with Crystal give her a call at 803-984-8436.

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