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Top 10 tips for Open Houses

This is it. This is your opportunity to show potential buyers the wonders of your home. Each house has their own charm that may be suited to some but not to many others. Hopefully your realtor shared some insight on that with you before your first open house but if not, here we are to help. With 31 years of experience, our tips are proven and has yielded great results. Follow these tips and your house should fly right off the market with just a few showings in the books.


With just a few steps in, your potential buyer is already forming their opinions while looking at every corner. Obviously cleaning is very important but consider these other equally important tips too. Try not to cook anything with an offensive smell to it before any showings. Make sure restrooms also do not have any over powering smells, if you know what we mean. Notice chipping paint on your shutters or door frame? Buy a small pint of touch up paint and get to work! Small details like that really do matter to buyers. You need to present your home as shiny and new as possible!

2. Clutter-free is the way to be!

While we don’t consider our knick knacks clutter, a minimalist buyer might be turned off by them. When your buyer can’t imagine themselves in your space, that’s a problem. Consider taking down some of your wall art. Maybe lessen the amount of decor on your shelves. Kitchen counters could also be clean buy putting appliances out of your eye sight when not in use. That basket you have for mail by your front door, maybe clear that out and trash old junk mail! Think of how you saw your house when you were looking, try to mimic that.

3. Hide as much of “you” as possible 

So what we mean by that is your style is just that, yours. Lets revisit that minimalist that is attending your open house. They may be turned off with your bright red accent wall and 20 framed pictures of you and your family carefully collaged. Not saying there is anything wrong with decorating a little differently but consider that others may not like it as much as you. You’re planning on leaving this home anyways so think of it this way, that’s just another part of you you’re packing up. Repaint any bold rooms you may have designed. Go ahead and box up your unique collections. This won’t be your home much longer.

4.  Light it up!

In any way you can! Open all the blinds and curtains to allow as much natural light as possible! Light that Bath and Body Works candle you just could not leave the store without! If it’s winter and you have a fireplace, have it going to create that warm / homey feel! Touches like this help create a light illusion throughout your home.

5. Outside is just as important as inside

No matter how beautiful your home is on the inside, if you have broken blinds and bushes that are wildly grown; you risk turning away buyers. Some buyers may come in with the idea that they want to completely redo the yard, so don’t put the majority of your time and money into this aspect of selling your home. Little fixes such as trimming your bushes neatly can really help the look of your landscaping. Replace those blinds, they are easily seen from outside. Rake those leaves! Pick up those branches! It’s a little more physical work than you were probably expecting but the result will be worth it.

6. Make sure visitors don’t leave empty handed

This should be something your realtor has set up and ready for you. If you want to be involved in the process, as them what they have prepared as far as handouts for all the guests. A quick sheet with images of the homes best features is a good selling tool. Chances are the prospective buyers are looking at many homes, so anything memorable about your home that they can take with them will have them keep your home in mind easier than those without handouts. You could even leave waters and cookies out, or even do a small tray of food. It’s up to you but you want to stand out and make them remember your open house.

7.  Take your furry family with you

In this day and age it is unlikely that you will encounter someone who doesn’t love pets, but they are out there. Having your home covered in pet dander and hair could also be potentially dangerous to those visiting with pet allergies. So while we may love our four legged friends, we do need to consider that not everyone feels the same. Load them up and take them to a dog park or to a friends house.


I mean come on, Facebook does it all now! Take a picture of the signage your agent has put out for your open house. Maybe do a video walk through for a sneak peek of what people can expect to see. Once you’ve posted you can have your friends share it. Now friends of your friends see your post and you are creating a wider audience. Are you a part of any local groups on Facebook? See if the admins mind if you share your open house post in the group! Facebook is such a mighty tool that is free for us to promote anything we’d like!

9. Hey Alexa, play some house showing music!

It couldn’t hurt to have some of today’s popular music playing softly in the background. Imagine your potential buyer going room to room with their water and cookie, admiring your hard work all while humming Maroon 5’s latest hit. You are creating an atmosphere that people can be comfortable in. Spotify has playlists designed just for the occasion!

Last but absolutely not least….


Having the seller around observing all those who walk through can make ANYONE uncomfortable. Your agent is there to represent you and the home. Trust in them! After all this time you should have had enough conversations with them that they know what you want to showcase, where you tucked all your family pictures at, how to turn off your gas fireplace after the showing…all of it! When your agent is a team member of The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group, you can rest easy knowing you have a fully trained professional at your disposal.


Open houses aren’t hectic and crazy an can really help the sale of your home in a timely manner. However, if you aren’t interested in that we do have another option for you. We are currently running a program called the Instant Cash Offer. We have agents who are particularity trained in this program and can help you from start to finish. This option calls for no open houses, no need to clean or repair anything. You will get an offer within 48 hours after submitting your information!  If that sounds more up to your speed, click the link here!

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