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    Trends in Real Estate Over the Years | The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

    Stephen and Julie discuss the past 18 years of real estate shows that they have recorded and how technology has changed since the show’s inception.

    Technology has changed dramatically for real estate since the early 2000’s as real estate agents went from doing all business in person with showings and contract signings to homes being listed on the internet now available on Google Earth. Buyers are only viewing two to three homes total since they can view ten to twenty online first and narrow it down from there. The market is crazy right now and we have even added a feature for buyers to start an offer on our website without even seeing the home in person!

    Home trends continually change and right now the most popular things are:

    • Open Floor Plans With Less Walls
    • More Windows Looking Outside
    • Less Land/Lot Size With Homes Being So Close
    • Pastel Colors Are Beginning To Make A Comeback From The Grey Phase
      • Stephen does recommend keeping permanent things neutral such as cabinets, flooring, counter tops, etc.

    One Tip from Stephen for Sellers: Remove the emotions from selling your home. Buyers will not pay for the emotion attached to your home! Try to detach yourself from the home and start seeing it as a house, de-personalize the home and get ready to purchase your next home. A buyer is not going to overpay for your home just because it emotionally means more to you.

    One Tip from Stephen for Buyers: Do not overbuy. People get relocated so often these days due to jobs, relationships, etc. People have become so mobile that you may not be there in the home as long as you think so it’s best to make sure that you do not overbuy.

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    Crystal – Terri and I enjoyed meeting you today. Your attention to the sale of our condo was fantastic. We wouldn’t think of doing business with anyone but the Cooley Group in the future. Thanks for all your help! Mike & Terri
    Mike & Terri

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