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We are #1 in North & South Carolina! – The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

In today’s episode of the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show, Stephen and Julie Storm talk about awards that Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group won this year.

We won top 10 in the world and we’re #1 in North and South Carolina in the Keller Williams franchise. Some of the awards are a number of homes sold, some of them are dollar volumes sold and some of them are client services.

Thank you, our clients and customers – it’s an honour to serve you at a high level.

Have you heard of our ‘Love it or Leave it‘ program? When The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group represents you in the purchase of a home, we guarantee that you will LOVE it. If, for any reason, you do not love it in the first year, we will come out and sell the home for FREE. That means you do not pay us a commission. We will then happily sell you the home of your dreams.

We also offer a great program for our sellers – if we can’t sell your home, we will buy it.

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STEPHEN: Hello, I’m Stephen Cooley and welcome to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate the show with me. Welcome back to the show Julie.

JULIE: Thank you, always a pleasure to be here.

STEPHEN: Glad to have you here and if you can tell from both our voices the pollen is hitting the ground in 2018. Bear with us while we chat today.

JULIE: Well, it’s exciting time in real estate and an exciting time in York and Lancaster County, we’re growing, we’re booming I understand you just went to a major conference within the Keller Williams establishment and just came back from LA and looks like there are a lot of awards.

STEPHEN: I just got back when you say just got back from LA I just got back and walked in the door and I only brag on my team once a year and this is the show to do it because it’s an honor to serve clients at a high level and we’ve got now 35 people on our team. All is one unit taking care of every single client and customer and so these awards that you see on the table that we won this year and the medallion around my neck, we won top ten in the world and we’re #1 in North and South Carolina in the Keller Williams franchise and I share it on the show because it is a thank you to our clients and our customers for allowing us to serve them at a high level. Some of these awards are a number of homes sold, some of them are dollar volumes sold and some of them are client services and things like that so it’s truly an honor to be able to go to a place like LA and get Rock Hill and Fort Mill and South Charlotte and Lancaster and Chester recognized. People hear Rock Hill, Fort Mill as winners and they go wild what is going on in Rock Hill and Fort Mill so it’s just a big honor to represent and serve our clients and these awards are within the Keller Williams franchise and Keller Williams franchise now is ranked #1 in the North America and number of agents it’s ranked #1 and number of homes sold now so for them to be right #1 and then for them to rank us #1 the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group. It’s just such an honor that I’d like to bring it back and say these awards are because of our clients and customers.

JULIE: I can imagine. So you’ve got this one too – the double platinum.

STEPHEN: Absolutely and this is the award where we won in the top ten in the company so thank you for that and so it’s an honor to bring all these back. We leave them laying out for a few weeks just so we feel real good and then we put them up because what we’re concentrating now or our future clients and customers so it’s just an honor to do that. One of the great things that we bring to the table that’s unique to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group not only market knowledge and top level of customer service Julie but we also offer a great program for our sellers if we can’t sell their home we will buy it and I believe that’s very unique to us and nobody else in the industry. We believe in our system that’s such a high level if we can’t sell the home we’ll buy it. Then on the buyer side we believe in helping buyers find their ideal home and we believe that at such a level that if we sold them a home that they don’t love within the first year we’ll come out and sell that home free and then sell them another house and so that is putting your money where your mouth is. It’s a program for sellers that basically guarantees our services and it’s a program for buyers that guarantee our services and so that we back what we say.

JULIE: I think that’s so important because when you’re buying a home that is such a major decision and a lot of angst and a lot of things kind of go into that so if you sort of have that assurance great guidance, great leadership and that process it makes the whole process so much better.

STEPHEN: It does make the process better and you know buying the home and selling home is usually tied to a life event. A life event like marriage, divorce, births, kids moving out, unfortunately job loss, death, sometimes job transfer, a lot of sellers are happy about moving, a lot of sellers are sad about moving. It’s moving out of your parents home for the first time so it’s all tied to a life event and so we see it as such an honor to be involved in that life event of theirs and these awards are one day a year but the other 364 days a year it is serving those clients and customers will allow us to win these awards.

JULIE: Absolutely, well you wouldn’t be winning all of this if you weren’t doing a great job.

STEPHEN: Thank you and thanks for all the people who’ve watched the Real Estate Show over all the years. Our goal each week is to bring you valuable information that can help you make a decision in investing in real estate, selling real estate and hopefully we’ve done that we’ll continue to do that for a long period of time.

JULIE:  Stephen, I know a lot of times customers have questions about real estate that they just might be just a simple something. If they want to ask you something how can they reach you.

STEPHEN: Absolutely, anyone can call and actually speak directly with me, our office number here is 803-985-1240. They can email me at because you’re exactly right we can answer a thousand questions on air and there’s questions unique to people, their life circumstance and the home they’re buying or selling so we make that available to everybody and thank you so much for being on today’s show. We’ve got beautiful homes for selling your area please stay tuned and I’ll be right back.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show. If you’re interested in advertising your business on the program, please give us a call at 803-326-2777.

Join us next week for more discussions on real estate topics and help in finding your perfect home. Thanks for watching.

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