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    What It Means To Get An “Instant Offer” On Your Home | The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group


    On this weeks episode of the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show, Stephen and Danielle Witherspoon discuss instant offer programs. An instant offer is when a company or corporation makes a bid on your home. Like everything, there are good and bad things in excepting an instant offer. One good thing about this is it can be extremely quick and easy, but many times the offer made from these companies and corporations are under market value and then those same companies turn around and sell the same exact home for a higher price.  Why lose that money when it could be yours? Also, your home is only exposed to one buyer and if you list your home with an agent, your home can be exposed to many local buyers. Another pro of listing with an agent is that you can make sure that your home is bought by someone who is going to love it just as much as you do. Before deciding to sell your home through an instant offer program, please research all your options. The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group at Keller Williams is ranked #1 in the Carolinas and #5 in the world for Keller Williams groups and to schedule a listing appointment with one of our agents is absolutely free! Give us a call today to answer any real estate question you have!

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