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Who’s Driving the Moving Truck?


Ever work with someone that seemed to be pushing you too quickly towards your goals?

Relegating you to a passenger – or worse yet – backseat driver in your own move?

For me, the answer has too often been – yes.  

At every turn I felt forced, pushed and driven to make a decision I wasn’t ready, willing or able to comfortably make.  It felt horrible and usually led to world class buyer’s remorse by the time I was done.

Thankfully, those sales usually ended up with me owning a watch, tool or fairly inexpensive piece of technology. Imagine the same driving force pushing you to buy or sell your home!

That brings us to the title of our blog this afternoon.  YOU should be driving the moving truck.

Everyday I work with our agents and staff.  I join them on appointments and listen in on calls.  I get to learn from them how we’ve earned our reputation and standing as a leading team in the industry.  

And everyday I am so proud to say they get it.

We work within YOUR timeframe and comfort zone to guide you as a professional passenger and navigator going along for the ride.  Now we may from time to time suggest you turn left or right.  We may even suggest a pit stop or break. Our role is riding shotgun with you the whole way – recommending detours and shortcuts to get you quickly and safely to your destination.

Now most agents I know are solid stewards of your trust.  They genuinely care about your goals and motivations.  They honestly put your needs before their own because that is why they love doing what they do.  I think if asked, most people would say that they believe this.

Even so, the fear remains.

The fear that somewhere along the way, we as the buyer (or seller) will lose some aspect of control.  We imagine being pushed out of the car, the steering wheel ripped from our fingers and unceremoniously being dumped into the passenger seat.  Because of this we hesitate to reach out and embrace the help that is available to us.  We hide behind email addresses and voicemail.  But you shouldn’t.   The associates at Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group have been handpicked because of their commitment to helping you create a road map that will reach your destination.  We know the market and the current trends.  If there’s a detour ahead, I promise we’ll see it and redirect you to a better route. Our sole purpose is to get you where you’re going, WHEN you want to get there, safely and happily.  Once there we earnestly hope you will recommend that map (meaning us) to others trying to reach the same place.

It only works if we let you drive.  And we do.

So my point and my promise is this:

If you’ve been searching for a home, or considering placing your home on the market – take a leap of faith and trust that we won’t push your foot on the pedal or try to pry the wheel from your fingers.  We’ll sit comfortably next to you, listen to your needs, understand your motivation and help you overcome obstacles, avoid roadblocks and plot the best path moving that truck down the road.

Now without getting overly specific, what have you bought, sold or agreed to when you let someone else do the driving? Share with us your stories in the comments below.

 Of course, as I ask this all the while starting down at a $400 dollar watch I’m still regretting…


Can’t wait to hear your stories!


John Kotrides

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Crystal – Terri and I enjoyed meeting you today. Your attention to the sale of our condo was fantastic. We wouldn’t think of doing business with anyone but the Cooley Group in the future. Thanks for all your help! Mike & Terri
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