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Why Owning a House is a Great Investment – The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show

In today’s episode of the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show, Stephen and Tyler DiPretoro talk about the benefits of owning a house. Tyler is one of our top agents. Whether you are interested in buying or selling a house, call Tyler at 803-985-1240.

Owning a house is the only investment that you can actually use and you don’t use it up. You can’t sleep in a stock but you can sleep, eat and raise your family in a home and it grows up in value the entire time.

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STEPHEN: Hello, I’m Stephen Cooley and welcome to the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show. On today’s show I’m honored to have Tyler. Tyler is one of the top agents here at the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group doing a great job with your clients and customers, five star reviews back on Tyler all the time, so thank you for the hard work you put in. Today I just wanted to talk about.. lots going on in the stock market right now. I think it have the largest drop this week that it’s ever had and a lot of people are pulling in and out. I’ve had some clients investing in bitcoins and that’s been an interesting thing to watch too and just wanted to talk about what a great investment, it doesn’t have to be your only investment, but what a great investment owning your own home is in your portfolio of investments and let me just say we’re not financial advisors and we certainly are realtors who love real estate we may be a little bit biased there so Tyler let’s share with folks why owning your home is a great investment.

TYLER: Well, owning your home is a great investment because you can’t sleep in a Bitcoin when you buy that so when you make a home purchase I mean you can live in it, you can have fun in it great times and it can still go up in value.

STEPHEN: Absolutely, it’s the only investment I know of and I don’t know of every investment in the world it’s the only investment that I know of and I’ve ever found that you can actually use and you don’t use it up. Like you said you can’t sleep in a stock but you can actually sleep and eat and raise your family in a home and it grows up in value the entire time. When I use my car it goes down in value.

TYLER: That’s right.

STEPHEN: If there’s another one out there I’d love to know it.

TYLER: They’re certainly not making any more land out there so when you buy that home you got the land on it or if you buy some acreage you know that’s not coming back around unless you live on an island.

STEPHEN: Exactly, there’s no more being made and that certainly is a smart investment when you buy something and if you look at our cities there’s no more room in a lot of them. That’s why you’re seeing a lot of things that are convenient to work and convenient interstate, convenient to shopping, really going up in value quickly because there’s nothing in the cities anymore you haven’t built by way out.

TYLER: Another thing I don’t know of any other investment where a bank or financial institution will loan you 96.5% of the money it takes to buy it.

STEPHEN: Yeah, if you’re buying stock and then you’re gonna get a loan at all dividend and if you did get a loan it’d be a really high interest rate and if they loaned you 50% that won’t feed the percent of the profits. So mortgage companies, if you go FHA loan that they’re almost a 100% of the investment, take all the risks and then when you sell it ask for none of the profit and the interest you pay the bank is a tax deduction and that’s what they do in the United States which is very rare in the world. They do that in the United States to encourage homeownership. There’s no reason that your interest should be tax-deductible but in the United States they do that to encourage homeownership. It’s proven that people who own a home that their family stays together longer, they become more involved in the community, when the house goes from a rental to a home owned home it improves, it looks better, people take care of the yard, pride of ownership kicks in and so that’s proven that it’s good for the folks who live in the home and also good for the home.

TYLER: And people around it and in your career you’ve never seen a home’s value drop to zero.

STEPHEN: Absolutely not but I’ve certainly seen stocks of companies that have closed over the years drop to zero so even though those of us who remember the real estate housing market tumble from 2008-2013 nobody went to zero. And by the way all those have recovered in our area and surpassed it again. I’ve got so many clients that have bought during then that their homes have doubled in value. No one loses unless someone wins.

TYLER: So mortgages it’s almost like a forced saving plan.

STEPHEN: Absolutely, you create the equity in your home. It’s the number one wealth builder in America’s real estate. The other beauty of that is when you do sell stocks or anything you pay taxes on the profit and again in America the government has decided that after you live in your home two years and it’s your primary residence you can sell that home and the money’ll be tax-free. When I got into real estate in the late 80s and late 90s unless you were 55 and older you pay taxes when you sold on the profit and now if you get thirty forty fifty thousand dollars you do not have to reinvest that in the real estate and you can go get another FHA loan and keep all that money so it’s just a wonderful opportunity for people to have like you said a forced savings plan, get to live in their investment and it go up in value and it’s also I don’t know for lack of a better word but it creates roots when you own the home and your family knows that you own it and you’re staying there. That means a lot to people.

TYLER: And like you were saying with those roots you kind of get more involved in the community and get to know your neighbors and you want to make it a beautiful place for people to live and appreciate what you’ve got there.

STEPHEN: Absolutely, so homeownership is a wonderful thing. We’ve got tons of homes for sale on our TV show today, we’ve got all the homes available on our website at Tyler if people are interested in selling their home and having it on the show or if they’re buying a home how do they reach you.

TYLER: Well, they can call me at 803-985-1240 or visit me online at

STEPHEN: Great information today. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s show please stay tuned and we’ll be right back. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Show. If you’re interested in advertising your business on the program please give us a call at 803-326-2777. Join us next week for more discussions on real estate topics and help in finding your perfect home thanks for watching.

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