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Why Posing as Santa Claus Can Hurt Your New Home Search

So…who in their right mind would go house hunting dressed as jolly old St. Nick?  You might be surprised.

It’s no secret that in order to utilize the services offered by first class professionals, you often have to register first.  You’re not exactly asked for “name, rank and serial number,” but it’s close.  Most websites – ours included – ask that you provide information like your name, address, preferred method of contact and so on.  Why?  So we can then contact you.  And that’s where Santa comes in.

Looking behind the scenes at the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group, you’d be amazed at the wide variety of celebrities, politicians, mythical creatures and Disney characters that apparently have an interest in homes here in the York County area!  Daily they access our site and register to view the up to date homes showcased there.  Unfortunately, perhaps because of their fame, they come paired with less than reliable contact information.  Or maybe it’s not the REAL Kris Kringle knocking on our virtual door.

We get it.

People often browse online in order to take advantage of the anonymity it can give them.  But we’re not shopping for shoes here, we’re looking for a home.  We all take a breath and pause for a minute when we see our search frozen in its tracks and a registration form block the information we were just looking at.  We try to click it away, scroll past it, minimize – anything to keep from losing our privacy and opening the door to a call.

Again, we get it.

But we’re really great people.  Honest.  We know the market, the trends, and probably have locked in our heads all the answers to all the questions you’re searching online for right this second.  Trust that we didn’t become #1 in the Carolinas amongst Keller William groups, without knowing how to show our clients the value of the services we provide.  Our Realtors have clients that are currently “just looking,” those that are over the moon ready to move RIGHT NOW and everything in between.  We understand that the process is longer for some and shorter for others.  But we love the opportunity to reach out, see where you are today, and what we can do to help you get where you want to be tomorrow.

The tools we have available to deliver homes, ideas and information to your email on a regular basis is actually pretty cool.  Plus, if we know what you want, odds are pretty good we can help sift through the logjam of information that’s out there online and just send you the stuff you really want.  Bottom line is – You’re The Boss.  You can dictate how much, how little and how often you need us to assist until you’re comfortable and ready to step up your search.

So if you’re one of those house hunters that has been bouncing back and forth between ten different sites with outdated information, give us a shot right HERE.  And while you’re at it, your real name too.  Seriously, unless it’s Christmas Eve and you’re loading up the sleigh you’re probably not Santa.  Or Mickey.  Or Brad Pitt.

At least I hope that last registration wasn’t the REAL Brad Pitt. Maybe we should have tried calling that number back a few more times.

Till next time,


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