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    York, SC Real Estate

    Welcome to the White Rose City, York! A little history about the town, Yorkville’s first settlers were the Catawba Indians. The English first had contact with the Catawba Indians in 1673. The first white settlers came from the north, Pennsylvania and Virginia, in the early 1750’ the first European settlers came to York in 1850’s. Originally the town of Yorkville was known as Fergus’s Crossroads for a tavern that was located at the interception of Rutherfordton to Camden and the road from Charlottesburg to Augusta. By 1850, the population rose to 2,000 with the Kings Mountain Railroad line was being built in 1852. In 1854 the Yorkville Female College was established and this was later known as the McCelvey Center. In 1915, the ‘ville’ was dropped from the name and today is better known as York.

    Today York is known for its diverse neighborhoods, historic district and recreational facilities. It is the home of Meritor, a global supplier of drive train, mobility, braking and aftermarket options for vehicles.

    York is a popular place for commuters to live who work in the Charlotte area, it’s far enough away from the city to better known as the country but close enough to be within driving distance in case you work in Uptown.

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